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Exploring the Gray Space of Cybersecurity Webcast

Understanding Human Behavior to Reduce Risk

Diverse technologies like cloud applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the way we work and interact with data, but they’ve impacted cybersecurity in a way that’s less frequently discussed. While cybersecurity is traditionally very good at identifying obviously safe or dangerous activities, these innovations have created ambiguous “gray space,” rendering the traditional threat-centric security model obsolete.

Adopting a human-centric cybersecurity approach focused on understanding how people interact with data can give IT visibility into this gray space and reduce cyber risk. In this webcast, Dr. Margaret Cunningham, Forcepoint’s Human Behavior Research Scientist and Duncan Brown, Senior Security Strategist discuss:

  • What cybersecurity can learn from the study of human behavior
  • How behavioral analytics can enrich security insights and mitigation opportunities
  • How to integrate a human-centric approach into your security strategy