Ağustos 1, 2023

New Series: Artificial Intelligence in Business

Post 1 - Building an AI strategy for business
Lionel Menchaca

Note from Lionel: This is my first post in our AI In Business series. You can check out all other posts in the series via the #ForcepointAI tag. Here’s a list of my other posts in the series:  


Just like a lot of organizations, we’ve been thinking about artificial intelligence since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT in November last year. It didn’t take long for us to realize the business opportunities that AI brings to organizations of all sizes. This will be the first of several blog posts dedicated to the topic of AI in business.

Many of our customers are actively experimenting with AI and some are working to deploy AI-related projects in and across departments. That’s true on both many customers from our Global Governments part of our business and also on the commercial side of Forcepoint. Globally, we’re seeing broad AI interest from industries like retail, finance and banking, automobile manufacturing, airlines, real estate, tech and many more.

Harvard Business Review recently published a spot-on article focused on building an AI strategy for business that got me thinking. It resonated since the framework they discuss aligns closely with how many of our customers are thinking about AI. Totally agree with the idea that initially, AI is a “new thing to do old things better.” We also fully agree on prioritizing security and responsible use of AI.

HBR - Build a winning AI strategy for business


I think that’s why many of our customers have been proceeding with caution while in the experimenting phase. No question most have tried tools like ChatGPT and Bard, and a small few are trying out Microsoft 365’s Copilot that’s currently in beta. Beyond experimenting with tools, some of our customers are actively working on policies and processes to govern the use of AI internally. Here at Forcepoint, we’ve established a cross-functional AI Council tasked with doing just that.

Eventually, more companies will work through the different phases until they’ll spend more time and effort using AI to build new things, but that’s a ways away. For now, you can look forward to a lot more AI posts that apply to business. 


Additional AI Resources:

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