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Enterprise Email Solution

Email Security

Most complete email protection
and visibility

Stop Ransomware

Stop ransomware and other threats

Forcepoint Email Security uses the Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) to identify threats ranging from annoying spam to advanced malware, phishing, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Block Data Theft

Block data theft with content-aware DLP

Advanced capabilities detect data theft concealed in images or custom-encrypted files, even when gradually transmitted in small amounts to evade detection.

Identify high-risk user behavior

The rich data collection capability can quickly generate a report on Indicators of Compromise to identify infected systems and suspicious user behavior.

Safeguard Attachments

Control device access to email attachments

Prevent total access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices (BYOD) while permitting full access to secure managed devices.

Email Encryption

Ensure confidentiality of sensitive communications

Enable secure delivery of email communications with Forcepoint Email Encryption that eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering easy administration, without key management or additional hardware.

Acceptable Imagery

Identify explicit images to enforce acceptable use

The Forcepoint Image Analysis Module allows employers to proactively monitor, educate, and enforce company email policy for explicit or pornographic image attachments.

Email Protection

Spam and phishing protection

Detect unwanted spam and unsafe phishing emails, allowing customers to block, quarantine, or take other actions.

Educate Users

Educate users to improve security awareness

Unique phishing education with feedback capabilities educates employees as they make mistakes, helping them to better learn and understand safe email best practices.

Optimum value comes from effective, holistic email security

Get both maximum effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) with Forcepoint Email Security. Read the report.

The Forcepoint Email Security advantage
Real-time threat protection

Real-time threat protection uses a unique blend of detection technologies, including machine learning, sandboxing, and predictive analytics to effectively stop advanced threats such as ransomware.

Protection against highly evasive zero-day threats

Get advanced malware detection (sandboxing) with our full system emulation sandbox. Deep content inspection reveals highly evasive zero-day threat with no false positives.

Powerful encryption for additional protection

Encrypt sensitive email conversations and enhance mobile security by controlling sensitive attachments access by device.

Incident risk ranking to find the greatest risks

Incidents are correlated across multiple events to identify true cumulative risk trends and activity. A risk score is included to help security teams identify the greatest risks based on real-time activity.

Integrated data loss prevention

Integrated industry-leading data loss prevention stops data infiltration and exfiltration capabilities.

Unique phishing education feature

Use Forcepoint Email Security’s unique phishing education features to help users adopt best practices and identify those who need additional training to improve their security awareness.

Complete out-of-the-box solution

Forcepoint Email Security includes DLP, URL wrapping, and other capabilities that are considered premium "add-ons" or upgrades by many competitors, delivering the most comprehensive inbound and outbound defenses out of the box.

Deployment flexibility

How you deploy our email security solution is up to you. Choose from a range of physical and virtual appliances to leverage existing hardware, cloud deployment, or hybrid environments.

Superior email protection for Microsoft Office 365

Forcepoint Email Security enhances built-in security capabilities to address inbound threats and outbound data loss risk. It’s one of the key parts of a complete, integrated Office 365 defense from Forcepoint.

Office 365

Office 365
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