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The Future of Security is in The Cloud

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Dynamic Edge Protection

True SASE, designed for the cloud era

Dynamic Edge Protection

Security for web, network & cloud apps—together as a service

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SASE means convergence in the cloud

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) unifies the security you previously delivered through separate point products into a tightly integrated service used directly from the cloud.

Dynamic Edge Protection gives you a true SASE platform for:

  • Web, network, app security—together at the new edge
  • Branch security-as-a-service, without extra hardware
  • Comprehensive security for your SD-WAN
  • Cloud-native threat protection
  • Operational efficiency, managed from the cloud

Unleash your potential
in the cloud

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Web, network, app security—
together at the new edge

Stop threats from sneaking in from the internet in web content and cloud apps, no matter where people are.

Reduce risks and complexity with fully integrated, all-in-one security policies that eliminate gaps and redundancies

Secure roaming users automatically with our lightweight Forcepoint One Endpoint software

DEP branch security graphic

Branch security-as-a-service, without extra hardware

Secure sites quickly—without sending technicians everywhere—with converged security that’s designed for the cloud, not just old products rehosted in the sky.

Reuse existing networking gear to connect sites over industry-standard GRE or IPsec

Protect all your locations seamlessly, from a single console in the cloud 

reduction in costs
for branch office IT personnel and networking infrastructure
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Time to switch to security in the cloud?

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Comprehensive security
for your SD-WAN

As you replace slow, expensive MPLS networks with SD-WAN, use true enterprise defenses that are missing from many direct-to-cloud SD-WAN solutions.

Decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic without exposing your enterprise to users’ personal information or overloading your existing systems

Stop ransomware and other malware with full all-ports and -protocols protection for all network traffic, not just web browsing

Cloud-native threat protection

Get ahead of ever-changing threats with a pathway to a new kind of security; one that is automated and personalized, where you’ll be able to:

Dynamically enforce different policies based on the risk posed by each user’s own behaviors to safely eliminate friction and keep people productive

Seamlessly apply policies and stop threats wherever it makes the most sense in your hybrid world: in the cloud or locally at sites with special data sovereignty needs

Operational efficiency, managed from the cloud

Free your IT teams from chasing never-ending updates and wrestling with inconsistencies in a patchwork of point products.

Make policies easy to understand with names of your own users and groups as well as many thousands of cloud apps

Automatically send activity logs to your SIEM for analysis in your own dashboards

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David Barnett DEP Solutions Expert
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