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Federal Cybersecurity in a Changing World

Federal cybersecurity is more critical than ever as agencies quickly adapt to a “maximized telework” environment. But how effective are Feds’ current cybersecurity efforts? What is working well in agencies’ cybersecurity strategies, and what needs to change?  If an agency could rebuild its cybersecurity today, with no budget or talent restrictions, what would it look like?  

In a research study conducted by Meritalk and underwritten by Forcepoint, 150 Federal IT managers were surveyed, and several Federal cybersecurity leaders underwent in-depth interviews. The results helped researchers better understand the state of cybersecurity in Federal agencies and offer recommendation to advance cyber progress.

Read this report for actionable insight on what cybersecurity looks like today vs. what it will look like in the future—and the obstacles, risks, and technologies in between.

Key statistics from the report:

  • 84% of Federal IT managers agree cybersecurity is a top or high priority within their agency. Yet, just 51% rate the state of cybersecurity within their agency as “very effective”
  • 66% of Federal IT managers say the possibility of being the next headline grabbing cybersecurity breach keeps them up at night
  • 11% of Feds say their agency’s current cybersecurity is identical to the ideal system they described
  • Feds agree the ideal cybersecurity strategy is proactive and risk-focused. Leaders are significantly more likely than non-leaders to prefer a rule-based approach – 63% to 44%

Download the full report for more insights into current strategy positioning and cybersecurity priorities over the next 5 years and more.