Distributed organizations are facing new challenges


Have at least one
application in the cloud

Once seen solely as a source of cost savings, enterprises are now increasing their investment for cloud to meet demands for agility, speed, and responsiveness.


See increased WAN
usage at remote sites

Remote users who access cloud-based applications create additional network traffic, as opposed to locally installed applications.


Experienced a security breach
at a branch office in the past year

Branch offices are a frequent target of cybercriminals since they typically have fewer security defenses in place.

A visualisation of global communications networks.

Cloud applications & SaaS demand more from networks

User experience declines

Users are experiencing delays when accessing cloud-based resources since backhauled network links are becoming overloaded with traffic

MPLS is too expensive to scale

Adding MPLS lines to handle the increased traffic is no longer a feasible option because installation can take months and comes at an exorbitant price

Security needs a new approach

Replacing or augmenting MPLS lines between locations or connecting directly to the cloud solves the connectivity issue but now each branch must be secured individually

Enterprise scale SD-WAN plus Multi-Link™ VPN

Distributed organizations need two kinds of connectivity:

Direct-to-cloud allows traffic to efficiently use cloud-based applications

Site-to-site ensures that internal communications (like VoIP) and applications are efficient

Strongest security and localized user experience

SD-WAN is integrated with the industry's most secure next generation firewall, eliminating the need for disparate products

The most data center points of presence in the industry and direct connect endpoint feature allows Forcepoint Web Security to deliver localized content in the user's native language

Centralized management

Manage up to 2,000 NGFW and IPS devices from one pane of glass regardless of deployment type (physical, virtual or in the cloud)

Deploy firmware and security policy updates across all devices with just a few clicks

Configure VPNs centrally and update dynamically as new sites or links are added

"With Forcepoint, we now easily manage more than a hundred firewalls deployed all around the world—from Chile all the way east to New Zealand—with low effort and high availability."

De'Longhi Group

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