Securing Microsoft 365 and other SaaS apps can be overwhelming

And you’re not alone


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Companies count on BYOD, but uncontrolled BYOD access to Microsoft 365 creates security gaps.


Want common
SaaS policies

Organizations often maintain multiple policies, inadvertently creating security holes.


Battle the sprawl
of shadow IT

The average organization uses over 1,000 apps, most of which are unsanctioned.

Most organizations can’t fully secure Microsoft 365

Too rigid

Today’s security posture options are either too open or too restrictive.

Siloed tools

Some security tools manage cloud only, while others require different policies for on-prem.

Rogue data

The inability to monitor critical data creates security and compliance risk.

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Risk-adaptive protection for Microsoft 365

Leverage machine learning and behavioral analytics to establish behavioral fingerprints for data stored in Microsoft 365.

Apply different Microsoft 365 application access and security policies for managed and unmanaged (BYOD) devices.

Enable BYOD by automatically applying controls, even when user devices are not on the organization’s network.

Enforce risk-based multi-factor authentication for privileged users attempting high-risk actions.

Uniform visibility and control over Microsoft 365 and all other SaaS apps

Leverage complete visibility into user activities with a unique proxy analysis engine.

Automatically discover and categorize Microsoft 365 applications used by your enterprise.

Quickly assess risk and pinpoint which services to allow and monitor.

Empower employees to work across devices, connect to multiple networks, and safely use cloud apps.

Locate and protect critical data stored in Microsoft 365 to assure compliance

Easily implement policy-driven processes in familiar business terms.

Save time by managing data loss prevention for Microsoft 365 and on-premises from the same console.

Ensure consistency by using one policy across Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications.

Get started quickly with pre-defined policies for common regulatory and IP protection use cases.

"With Forcepoint, Metro Bank colleagues can now securely access Office 365 and Yammer out of the office. Forcepoint has given us the visibility and control that we need in order to fully leverage the potential of cloud applications on mobile devices."

Luis Aguiar
Infrastructure Delivery Team Leader
Metro Bank

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