Air-Gapped Operations - Cost vs Value


“Air-Gapped” Operations have revealed significant industrial operations weaknesses in managing and securing air-gapped sites. Isolating IT and OT environments from one another is an easy and effective cybersecurity practice that is widely used by critical infrastructure owners, but it suffers from significant drawbacks, particularly in operations and security at remote locations. For instance, isolated OT networks drive higher maintenance and upgrade costs, reduce productivity, and slow the cybersecurity adoption necessary to maximize Industry 4.0 benefits. Many corporations are straining to continue distributed operations during the current global pandemic due to travel restrictions and shelter-in-place orders, and will have to take a long, hard look at their existing business operations. Maintaining the status quo is no longer viable. A new approach to securely connecting IT and OT environments is possible—not only to cope with short-term disruptions—but also to achieve higher long-term levels of assurance.

Download this whitepaper to learn about challenges to connecting currently unconnected OT networks to share sensitive business data, while also enabling remotely monitored and controlled operations, including:

  • Cybersecurity requirements
  • Return on investment requirements
  • and requirements for handling pandemic-like disruptions gracefully

You’ll also learn about practical applications and use cases for Forcepoint Data Guard, which economically enables direct operational benefits while providing enhanced enterprise security.

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