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Secure Data Transfer

Agencies face the challenge of securing a massive amount of mission-critical data and information at multiple classification levels and across security boundaries. Unfortunately, in some cases, this results in isolated intelligence. Agencies must re-evaluate how to protect and streamline how data is securely distributed between separated networks—data diode, cross domain guard solution, and/or a combination of both? Your most sensitive information must be sanitized and made accessible to various services as quickly as possible. At the same time, data from a wide variety of sources must be transferred to protected enclaves from austere environments for processing and analysis.

Download this whitepaper for more information about Forcepoint’s capabilities, including:

  • Singular Diode vs. Integrated Cross Domain for Cost Savings
  • Forcepoint Cross Domain Transfer Solutions
  • Forcepoint Data Diode
  • Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Scalable Application for Critical, Essential, and Administration Flows

The sharing and movement of this data is essential to the rapid, accurate, and precise execution of customers’ missions. The persistent threat of cyberattack, penetration, and data loss requires that only the most secure methods are used to maintain the highest standards of security.