Mart 11, 2024

Forcepoint Wins Frost & Sullivan 2023 Global Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Company of the Year Award

Kevin Oliveira

We are delighted to announce that Forcepoint has received the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in the Global Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Industry Excellence in Best Practices category. While this is not the first time the noted business research and consultancy firm has recognized Forcepoint as a data security pioneer, it is a great honor to be named as the leading DLP provider for the entire world!

Forcepoint excels on visionary innovation and customer impact

Frost & Sullivan bestows its Best Practices Awards based on independent research that it conducts worldwide, seeking out companies that demonstrate growth within their industry along with creative, forward-thinking strategies. The results are presented to a jury of experts, who evaluate the nominees according to multiple criteria that measure how well they innovate and implement visionary approaches to the industry, as well as how their practices positively impact their customers.

DLP has taken on a new degree of importance following the explosion of remote and hybrid work that accompanied the COVID pandemic. Frost & Sullivan noted that Forcepoint DLP is suitable for large enterprises seeking to maintain compliance with data privacy and data security regulations, along with more specialized organizations that must take care to safeguard their intellectual property in order to stay competitive.

Forcepoint's flexible architecture allows seamless integration into different environments, making it a versatile and valuable cybersecurity control for diverse enterprises.”

– Georgia Edell, Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan identifies key strengths of Forcepoint DLP

The award write-up identifies several significant features of Forcepoint DLP that help to distinguish it from competitors’ offerings. These include:

  • Unified policy management: Forcepoint offers Data Security Everywhere, an approach that allows organizations to use a single policy across the enterprise. This streamlines data control practices, ensures consistent enforcement and protects data wherever it is found and wherever employees work.
  • Out-of-the-box policies: Forcepoint’s library of 1,700+ pre-defined policies and classifiers is the largest of any leading DLP provider in the industry, and it works to simplify compliance in over 150 regions worldwide, speeding implementation and eliminating oversights.
  • Innovation and customer-centricity: Frost & Sullivan commends Forcepoint’s proactive approach to updating solutions and finding new ways to provide value for customers. It identifies the long history of innovation and excellent customer support that has helped Forcepoint to enjoy a strong brand reputation.
  • Comprehensiveness and ease of implementation: Forcepoint DLP secures data at all points of its lifecycle, so organizations can rest assured that data is protected whether in use, at rest or in motion. It also proves straightforward to put in place and maintain, with automation capabilities that can save employee time and operating costs while preventing human error.
  • Advanced behavioral analysis: Forcepoint Risk-Adaptive Protection enhances DLP by automatically monitoring user behavior and responding dynamically to risky activity in real time. This trailblazing technology serves as a powerful defense against data exfiltration and breaches while requiring little human input to maintain.

Automation and a risk-adaptive strategy ensure that Forcepoint customers get the protection they need for their data in real time.”

– Georgia Edell, Consultant, Frost & Sullivan

Many thanks to Frost & Sullivan for honoring Forcepoint with this award and recognizing the numerous ways in which we simplify and strengthen data security for organizations around the world.

Read the entire Frost & Sullivan write-up for a deeper look into why Forcepoint won the 2023 Company of the Year Award. For more information about our pioneering approach to data security, download The Practical Guide to Data Security Everywhere.

Kevin Oliveira

Kevin serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager for Forcepoint’s Data Security products and solutions.  He has over 20 years experience helping enterprises with their data and security initiatives with leadership positions at Dell EMC and IBM. 

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