June 10, 2024

AI-Powered Accuracy in Forcepoint DSPM

Tuan Nguyen

The digital transformation ushered in a new era, but a more profound revolution is upon us: the AI Transformation. Artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping entire industries, and data security is no exception.

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, fueling innovation and growth. However, its sheer volume can be overwhelming. Traditional methods of data discovery and classification often struggle to keep pace with the information explosion across cloud platforms and network servers. This creates a dangerous blind spot, leaving businesses vulnerable to data breaches and non-compliance with privacy regulations.


Forcepoint Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) tackles this challenge head-on, delivering a proactive approach to data security that provides unparalleled visibility and control over your data, no matter where it resides. Powered by AI, it equips businesses with unmatched accuracy to navigate the ever-expanding data landscape.


Here's how it achieves this:

AI Supercharges Discovery and Classification

At the heart of Forcepoint DSPM lies a sophisticated AI engine, designed to deliver accuracy at scale. This powerful engine leverages machine learning (ML) to continuously improve its accuracy. Constantly analyzing data to refine its understanding and identify sensitive information with ever-increasing precision.


This translates to real-world benefits. Forcepoint DSPM delivers fast, comprehensive data discovery, whether data is stored in the cloud (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) or on-premises, with the ability to scan approximately 1 million files per hour.


AI-powered, Forcepoint DSPM provides highly accurate data classification based on content and context. This includes emails, documents, presentations, and more, providing detailed insights into your data, such as location, sensitivity level, creation date, last access time, risk level, and permissions.

Efficiency with Automation

Manual data management processes are not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. Forcepoint DSPM streamlines these processes through automation, boosting efficiency and productivity. By rapidly cataloging information and utilizing machine learning to analyze file contexts, Forcepoint DSPM significantly reduces the burden on IT teams while enabling users to understand the scope of data and organizes it into a contextualized, easily digestible format.


Custom Model Training

For organizations with highly specialized information, Forcepoint DSPM offers custom model training. This allows you to tailor the AI model to recognize and classify your specific data types, such as intellectual property (IP) or trade secrets. Through the power of machine learning (ML), this custom model will continuously improve over time, refining its accuracy and ensuring the most effective protection for your organization's most critical assets.

Forcepoint DSPM custom LLM model training -image 1Forcepoint DSPM custom LLM model training - image 2

The Power of AI: Seeing the Unseen

The sheer volume and complexity of data can be overwhelming. Forcepoint DSPM, with its AI-powered approach, helps navigate this diverse landscape. Forcepoint DSPM empowers organizations to:

  • Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches: By accurately identifying and classifying sensitive data, you can implement automated remediation measures to fix and protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Real-time reporting and analytics to gain peace of mind knowing your data security posture aligns with industry regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Streamlined Data Governance: Forcepoint DSPM simplifies data ownership and access control for data, providing stakeholder alignment and easy to set up workflow orchestration around data actions like revoking permissions, access requests, lifecycle management for automated data management.
  • See your data like never before: With a comprehensive panoramic view of your data, anywhere it’s stored, you can establish clear data ownership, access control policies, and data retention procedures.


The Future is Intelligent

The AI Transformation is reshaping data security. Embracing this technology gives you a significant advantage in fighting data breaches and non-compliance. Forcepoint DSPM isn't only about AI; it's about empowering organizations to take control of their data and providing the tools to uncover hidden threats, safeguarding the most valuable assets.

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen serves as Product Marketing Manager at Forcepoint with a focus on web and cloud security solutions for SASE applications. With over 10 years of industry experience in cloud security, data center networking, and web development across both large enterprise companies and...

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