May 8, 2024

Forcepoint Elevates Email Security with Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email

Tuan Nguyen

Unprotected email remains a significant vulnerability for organizations of all sizes, with studies revealing that over 50% of data breaches starts from email. In today's digital landscape, where sensitive information is constantly exchanged, ensuring the security of your email communications is paramount.

Prevent the Most Common Form of Data Loss

That’s why today we’re excited to introduce Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email. It’s a comprehensive, cloud-native solution designed to safeguard your email from data loss and breaches. Our mission at Forcepoint is to simplify the journey to Data Security Everywhere, this innovative solution empowers your organization to achieve enhanced data security and user productivity, ensuring your organization’s most valuable asset—your data—remains protected.

A Cloud-Native Solution for Enhanced Security

Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email is a cloud-native solution built to defend against data loss and breaches. By harnessing the power of the cloud on a hyperscaler architecture, our solution offers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and reliability. With integration with Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, or any other popular email service provider, our agentless solution works seamlessly to safeguard your email communications.


Unified Management for Simplified Control & Visibility

With Forcepoint's Data Security Everywhere approach, you can enjoy unified management of policies and incident alerts across all channels, from web, cloud, endpoint, and email in a single interface, Forcepoint ONE. Gone is the hassle of manually syncing policies or managing incidents across multiple DLP instances. Our solution streamlines the process, empowering you to take proactive measures to safeguard your organization's sensitive data effectively.


Advanced Protection Beyond Traditional Endpoint DLP

Unlike traditional endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email extends its protection to mobile devices, tablets, Chromebooks, and web client emails – regardless of the platform being used. Delivering enhanced email security features such as quarantine, manager approval, and encryption, our solution ensures that sensitive information remains secure in email communications.


Easy Setup and Management

Setting up and managing Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email is a streamlined process, designed to minimize complexity and realize benefits quickly. Organizations can easily deploy on major email providers such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, and more. And quickly configure and enforce pre-defined data security policies across an organization in minutes, quickly enhancing your security posture and ensuring compliance.


The Power of Forcepoint DLP

Leveraging the award-winning power of Forcepoint DLP, our solution comes equipped with over 1,700 pre-built DLP policies and templates, allowing you to quickly deploy robust security measures. Additionally, Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email integrates seamlessly with Forcepoint's Risk-Adaptive Protection, extending and providing valuable data context based on user risk. This enables you to prioritize your resources and focus on addressing the most critical threats to your organization's data security.


Take Control of Your Email Security

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, stop wondering if your email channel is secure. With Forcepoint ONE Data Security for Email, you can take control of your organization's email security.

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Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen serves as Product Marketing Manager at Forcepoint with a focus on web and cloud security solutions for SASE applications. With over 10 years of industry experience in cloud security, data center networking, and web development across both large enterprise companies and...

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