December 2, 2021

The Evolution of Network Security Over 35 Years (Infographic)

Over the past 35 years, we have watched technology go from massive in size and so expensive only large corporations could afford to invest to modern devices as small as smartwatches and smart phones in everyone’s pocket.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we witnessed an increase in velocity of attacks that spanned across every single sector. Now that technology is commonplace in modern day life – both personal and professional – cybersecurity should be front and center for businesses, organizations, and even individuals.

To demonstrate just how important cybersecurity has become over the last 35 years of the modern technology evolution, we have put together an infographic that highlights some of the most notorious breaches, hacks, defense developments and defining moments of our own Forcepoint history. Below is a thumbnail preview. 

Secure your assets. Protect your edge. 


The Evolution of Network Security (Infographic preview)

About Forcepoint

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