April 19, 2024

Forcepoint Introduces New Partner Enablement Framework

Stacie Corcoran
Dan Weinman

Today, here at Forcepoint, we’re excited to roll out our new partner enablement framework.  This new framework introduces Specializations and Advanced Specializations.  


These will allow our partners to better align with Forcepoint’s top focus areas and align their learning journey to areas that best fit with their business focus and capabilities.  

Forcepoint Cyber Institute

Each Specialization is aligned to a Forcepoint product, with a set of associated training courses—spanning both pre-sales and post-sales. Additional classes may be available in that Specialization for specific types of partners, such as MSSPs.  Advanced Specializations can be earned when a partner has earned each of the connected Specializations—showcasing the partner’s expertise across a broader strategic area. 

We are also excited to be refreshing our Certification and Accreditation courses to better align with Forcepoint product areas and make them more easily consumable.  Courses are continuing to be updated and will be available in Forcepoint Cyber Institute, tied to their respective Specializations.   

Want to learn more about our new enablement Specializations and Advanced Specializations? Already on a learning path?  

Complete your existing learning path by July 1, 2024. Log into FCI today to restart your enablement journey.  

Stacie Corcoran

At Forcepoint, Stacie leads Global Channel Sales and Global Channel Programs. In this role, she develops and leads the strategic vision, thought leadership, programs/processes, technology and partner account management for Forcepoint Channel teams to accelerate new business and revenue growth in...

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Dan Weinman

Dan serves as Forcepoint’s Partner Enablement Program Manager.  In this role, Dan drives strategic enablement programs to help Forcepoint Partners go-to-market with and deliver services around Forcepoint solutions to solve the security challenges of customers.

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