June 22, 2022

The Next Generation of CDR Technology

Joanna Crossley

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) is a type of cybersecurity technology designed to remove potentially malicious code from data. Until now, other vendors and CDR technologies have often relied on detection to identify malware, leaving them vulnerable to evasion.

Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR - What it ProtectsNot any more...


Introducing the Next Generation of CDR!

Zero Trust CDR mitigates the threat of even the most advanced zero-day attacks and exploits. Pivoting from detection to prevention is especially important with the recent evolution in hybrid workforces and digital transformation, and their resultant usage of content and electronic information everywhere.

Zero trust + CDR = Zero Trust CDR.

Zero Trust + CDR = Zero Trust CDR


How Does Zero Trust CDR Work?

Rather than trying to detect malware, or deciding what data might be good or bad, Zero Trust CDR assumes nothing can be trusted. It works by extracting only the valid business information (either discarding or storing the originals), verifying the extracted information is well-structured, and then building a brand new, pixel perfect, fully revisable file to carry the information to its destination.

How Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR Works


Watch Zero Trust CDR in action:



Stop Every Threat

Digital content is the vector of choice for cyber criminals to use for malware attacks and exploits. From web browsing and email to file uploads and social media, digital content is routinely embedded with known, zero-day, and even totally undetectable threats concealed in the files and images we use every hour of the working day.

Due to the unique way that Zero Trust CDR extracts and delivers a file, protects users from even zero-day and totally unknown malware. This approach to preventing malware doesn’t rely on constant updating with the signatures of the latest malware as it become available, ensuring your defence is always up to date.


How Can Zero Trust CDR help your Business?

Forcepoint specialises in delivering malware-free data for your business. Un-matched protection with a range of deployment options that can be deployed and running in a matter of minutes. Your team can share files, open email attachments and browse the web safely and confidently with Zero Trust CDR.

Interested in boosting your cyber defenses? Visit Zero Trust CDR to learn more or request a demo today.


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