January 9, 2024

Safeguarding Branch Offices with Forcepoint ONE Firewall

Carlos Carvajal

As distributed organizations increasingly migrate to cloud-based environments for enhanced agility and efficiency, depending solely on traditional physical firewalls to secure branch offices has become more burdensome than advantageous. While traditional physical firewalls remain relevant in complex networking environments, organizations seeking a simple and streamlined networking setup at branch offices require a modern, cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud-based firewall.

Today, I’d like to highlight one of our newest SASE and SSE services: Forcepoint ONE Firewall. This cloud-based firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) is engineered to enforce consistent security policies across all users and branch offices through an easy-to-use, centralized policy management, ensuring branch offices remain protected against cyber threats.


With Forcepoint ONE Firewall, you can:

Improve operational efficiency by streamlining network management

At its core, Forcepoint ONE Firewall enhances operational efficiency and scalability, reducing limitations associated with traditional on-premises firewall appliances. Forcepoint ONE Firewall offers centralized policy enforcement that simplifies network management across branch offices.

Boost your network security

Forcepoint ONE Firewall fortifies the overall security posture of enterprises. Leveraging industry-leading intrusion prevention system (IPS) capabilities, it identifies anomalous traffic, botnets intrusion and SSL attacks. Its’ capabilities also include DNS security to proactively identify and block malicious domains and other attacks at the initial point of contact.

Gain more insights into threats

The user-friendly dashboarding and reporting capabilities ensure administrators stay informed with the critical information required to make the right decisions. Forcepoint ONE Firewall offers time series charts to view trends and patterns of threats, such as detecting suspicious file transfers to external servers. Forcepoint ONE Firewall also provides the ability to see related events in logging to simplify incident investigation by only viewing events associated with a chosen incident. Detailed reports based on identified threats along with insights into the users or groups that encountered them most frequently, empowers administrators to take a proactive measure against threats.

Embrace more granular policy management and control

The granular per-user and per-group policy rules ensure precise control. Administrators can easily set rules based on protocol, source and destination IP addresses, and destination ports, allowing for precise control over network security and traffic. This level of precision enables organizations to establish detailed rules that ensure only authorized and secure communications occur.


Enforce rich anti-malware and data loss prevention (DLP) policies over web traffic

Forcepoint ONE Firewall is seamlessly integrated with Forcepoint ONE Secure Web Gateway (SWG), providing full anti-malware scanning and data loss prevention (DLP) inspection for HTTP/S traffic. This combination extends protection across all ports and protocols, ensuring comprehensive security coverage by eliminating networking blind spots.

For a deeper dive read the Forcepoint ONE Firewall datasheet or watch the short product demo video below:

Carlos Carvajal

Carlos Carvajal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Forcepoint for SD-WAN and Advanced Threat Protection solutions, brings 15 years expertise delivering enterprise solutions, including cloud security, AIOPs, and industrial printing. He has held senior positions at IBM and Canon and holds an MBA...

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