January 5, 2022

Why the World’s Largest Retailers Work with Forcepoint

Bryan Arnott

Protecting customer data is incredibly important for an industry that’s the target of nearly one in every four cyberattacks that criminals launch, according to Trustwave’s 2020 Global Security Report.

A combination of distributed networks and treasure chests of personal and payment information makes retailers’ data lucrative to threat actors. With the average company using 75 point products, maintaining clear visibility of user activity, weeding out false-positives and defending against these threats is becoming more difficult each and every day.

These are just a few of the reasons why dozens of Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 retailers across the world trust Forcepoint to keep their businesses secure.

Keeping customer information out of the hands of threat actors is critical to maintaining a reputation as a brand consumers can trust. One well-known national supermarket chain in Australia works with Forcepoint to achieve just that.


Leading Retailer Gains ‘Single Pane of Glass View’ with NGFW

Over 100,000 employees spread across 1,500 locations makes securing communication and other digital assets difficult – and that much more important – for this Forbes Global 2000 retailer. The company sought to build the foundation of its cybersecurity strategy for years to come by turning network monitoring into a seamless activity.

Spurred by a string of industry data breaches, the company began reviewing its ability to protect sensitive customer information from threat actors. Servicing its highly distributed network in-person across its 1,500 brick-and-mortars was a tall task for its cybersecurity team, and one that was ripe for innovation.

Forcepoint’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) offers the retailer the ability to manage its network remotely using the Security Management Center (SMC). Doing so enabled the company to centralize its perimeter protection and provided greater functionality for identifying and mitigating threats across the network.

Over time, Forcepoint NGFW appliances completely replaced the retailer’s legacy hardware and a two-node cluster architecture supplied redundancy.

As a result of deploying the NGFW, the retailer’s security team could easily enforce security policies at scale across all its locations. The broader coverage at a granular level also means fewer security incidents that need to be investigated – and brings about more peace of mind knowing that users are receiving cutting-edge protection.


Learning from Industry Leaders

Retail is a copycat industry. When leaders fundamentally change their businesses, others follow suit.

We count dozens of Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune 500 retailers as customers here at Forcepoint and because of that, we can see a clear shift taking place: industry leaders are doing all they can to improve their data protection.

The ways they achieve better data security is unique to their business’ challenges. One retailer uses Web Security Cloud to remotely monitor traffic flowing into the corporate network from independently owned brick-and-mortar locations. A fast-food retailer leveraged Web Security with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to mitigate a wide range of threats to the business.

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Bryan Arnott

Bryan Arnott is a Senior Content Marketer and Digital Strategist at Forcepoint.

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