December 1, 2022

Zero Trust CDR Early Access Program: Stop Email Malware Now

Audra Simons

Today, Forcepoint embarks on offering organizations a new way to protect one of the largest attack surfaces:  Email.  

It is both easy and common for malware to sneak into an organizations by being creatively embedded in attachments – and unknowingly sent or forwarded to an inbox. Privileged users are targeted left and right by nation state and non-nation state actors.  No amount of cybersecurity training will eliminate people from clicking on well-disguised files.  According to the Verizon DBIR, 71% of attacks occur through Microsoft Office files and Windows AppsThis is precisely what has driven development of an uncompromising CDR capability to transform data before it hits an inbox.

Imagine a brand new, clean data file attached to all emails… and what is being sent out to partners is malware free.  Click and use – the file has been rebuilt without any malicious code, ready for immediate collaboration and use. It complements existing controls like AV and sandboxing, but unlike those tools, it addresses zero day malware and provides users access to their content without delay.  Offering this capability as a service, with no infrastructure and deployment time within an hour—it brings Zero Trust principals to email in a brand new way.

The Early Access program for Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR for Mail (M365) opens today for users of Microsoft M365. The Early Access Program allows organizations to try it for 30 days for up to 20 users at no additional cost. We look forward to transforming security for your M365 Email environment.

Audra Simons

Audra Simons is the Senior Director of  Global Products, G2CI. Audra is part of the Forcepoint Global Governments team, where her goal is to break new ground in the area of non-ITAR global products and engineering with a focus on high assurance critical infrastructure customers,...

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