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Nico Popp - Forcepoint Chief Product Officer

Nico Popp

Chief Product Officer

Nico Popp is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) for Forcepoint. Popp oversees the global execution and strategic evolution of Forcepoint’s human-centric cloud security platform. This includes leadership of all product development, management and innovation across Forcepoint products as well as Forcepoint X-Labs.

Popp joins Forcepoint from Symantec, where he was senior vice president of Cloud and Information Protection leading the data and cloud security product and engineering teams. Prior to Symantec, Popp held senior leadership roles at Verisign, Apple, and NeXT Software.

Popp holds more than 30 patents. He received a master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, and a BA from France’s SUPAERO.