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Apak Gets a More Resilient Environment with Forcepoint NGFW

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When increased network traffic put a strain on the organization’s previous, proxy-based firewall product, Sword Apak—and its customers—knew they needed a solution that could protect at scale. A switch to Forcepoint NGFW made customers happy and provided the dependable protection they needed.


  • Previous solution—a proxy-based firewall—lacked the features needed to support a growing infrastructure, partly because of a significant increase in inbound and outbound traffic on the DNS server.
  • Apak customers began to notice increased traffic putting their own networks at risk and demanded a new solution.


  • Deploy Forcepoint NGFW for a packet inspection firewall with greater resilience: 24/7 availability in a load-balancing environment.


  • Now able to utilize multiple network links/nodes to flexibly increase bandwidth and provide automatic failover when individual nodes go down.
  • Technology that’s able to scale with the business.
  • Centralized management of 10 firewalls and 5 intrusion prevention system devices.
  • “Forcepoint NGFW gave us the opportunity to explore upgrades to our system but still run on known hardware platforms that we had already installed,” said Grimshaw.

"Everything we use, and then some, is now supported by Forcepoint. It is just an overall great solution."

Adrian Grimshaw
Technical Consultant, Apak
Customer Profile

Apak develops and implements global software solutions for major financial institutions worldwide.