Forcepoint Keeps The Boeing Company Protected Without Downtime




United States

The world’s leading aerospace company doesn’t have time for downtime. To keep business moving, it needed a next generation firewall to protect the business without negatively impacting user performance.


  • Previous solution had inefficient one-to-many device provisioning.
  • Needed policy consistency across firewalls.


  • Forcepoint NGFW for the top-ranked security with implementation that didn’t require an on-site technician.


  • Significant improvement of end-user internet performance.
  • Planned maintenance and unplanned outages were reduced from weeks to days.
  • Incident response time was reduced from weeks to days.

"Fewer maintenance outages, and monitoring for vulnerabilities is a lot easier."
- Anthony Moore, IT Specialist, The Boeing Company

Customer Profile

The Boeing Company is a multinational organization that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, satellites, communications gear, and more.