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Global CRM Provider Cegedim Relies on Forcepoint NGFW

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Information Technology



In order to safeguard Cegedim’s CRM for its life sciences customers, the company needed a next generation firewall solution that could keep pace with its powerful network, provide centralized management, and demonstrate rapid ROI. Forcepoint NGFW delivered.



  • The company operates a powerful network with extremely high throughput, requiring the firewall performance to match.
  • Needed to deploy a large number of core network firewalls with advanced clustering to protect the entire IT infrastructure from external or internal attacks.
  • Distributed branch sites across Europe, Asia, and Australia required comprehensive, centralized administration and policy management capabilities.


  • After a two-year evaluation process testing leading firewall products, Cegedim chose a tailored Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solution with intrusion prevention (IPS) capabilities to secure its entire network.


  • Rapid ROI and a significant reduction in management costs.
  • Centralized dashboard allows for management of the entire global security environment, including activation of IPS features at the company’s APAC and NCSA data centers.
  • Moving forward, Forcepoint will be the priority vendor to support subsidiaries as network security requirements arise.

"The Forcepoint NGFW provides both security and speed. We saw significant results right at the start."
- F. Le Guillou, CIO, Cegedim

Customer Profile

Global provider of technology and data services to healthcare, life sciences, and insurance companies in more than 80 countries.