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Compartamos Banco Safeguards Data in Order to Better Serve its Customers

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Financial Services



As the largest microfinance bank in Latin America, Compartamos Banco’s objective is eradicating financial exclusion by offering basic financial services to the low-income population. The bank expanded the reach of its data protection and improved regulatory compliance by expanding Forcepoint Web Security to the cloud.


  • Protect a complex organization that includes 16,000 employees, more than 500 offices, and 2.5 million customers.
  • Comply with regulations including National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), Federal Law of Protection of Data in Possession of Individuals (LFDPPP), and international standards.


  • Expansion of existing Forcepoint Web Security to a hybrid on-premises/cloud implementation with integrated data loss prevention (DLP) to conveniently and cost-effectively deliver protection across 500 offices.


  • Better monitoring, timely detection of attacks and users sending inappropriate information, and strengthening of customer personal data protection.
  • “It changed the role of IT personnel from a maintenance and operational role to a monitoring role that allows adding value to the operation,” said Luis Felipe Rubalcava, Deputy Director of Communications and Security of Compartamos Banco.
  • ROI is measured by the financial impact of attacks or leaks avoided plus the value added to the bank’s credibility and reputation.

"The executive committee understood the implementation as a 100% necessary step for the growth of Compartamos Banco."

Hector Figueroa Blando
CIO, Compartamos Banco
Customer Profile

The largest microfinance bank in Latin America. With a special focus on women, it serves more than 2.5 million clients with loans for working capital.