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FERCAM Updates Web Security Quickly with Forcepoint

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Growth at logistics company FERCAM required an upgrade to its web security solution for better performance and effective traffic analysis. After the company chose Forcepoint Web Security, the new solution was up and running in one day, quickly improving employee productivity.


  • Growth forced a modernization of technology resources while internet access is now a pillar for daily operations and, as a result, required a better monitoring solution.
  • The previous monitoring solution delivered problems including: weak performance, ineffective blacklist updating, and inadequate web traffic monitoring and analysis for 800 users.
  • Multiple inefficiencies led to the opening of many IT tickets related to service issues or a high number of false positives, every day.


  • Based on ease of use, speed of implementation and, above all, the ability to define policies for specific user categories while appropriately filtering access to specific web sites or pages, FARCAM choose Forcepoint Web Security.


  • Implementation up and running in one day.
  • Considerably reduced traffic generated by inappropriate web usage, while regulating bandwidth and completely eliminating network downtime.
  • Eliminated need to double available bandwidth based on previous solution. After the adoption of Forcepoint, company was able to continue with the existing configuration, avoiding any further investments.

“Forcepoint considerably improved employee productivity. We are so satisfied with this solution.”

Stefano Albiero
Customer Profile

FERCAM is a family-owned logistics operator with nearly $600 million in annual revenue.