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IGATE is a global leader in providing integrated technology and operations-based solutions. The company offers productized applications and platforms that provide the necessary competitive and innovative edge to clients across industries through a combination of speed, agility and imagination. Headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, IGATE serves as a trusted partner to corporations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific with revenues over US $1.2 billion and a global employee talent capital of over 33,000. IGATE, an IT services company, is highly integrated with data analytics, mobility, digital technology and the Cloud. This helps the company adapt to a constantly changing technology landscape while focusing on an expansive list of industry groups, including banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.


IGATE’s data security challenge is to extend its corporate network to a sizable list of globally distributed subsidiary companies. In order to do so safely and securely, the network needs to have one uniform policy. Vijay Gurumurthy, Director of IT at IGATE, views this as the biggest issue for his department. Admittedly, he says the challenge stems from when a user works out of a remote office or travels to a remote location. IGATE wanted the same policies to be consistent throughout the company’s entire extended corporate network.

He recalls an incident involving data leakage when an employee logged into the corporate network from a remote computer and sent unwanted emails to a customer. As one of the system’s administrators, he noticed a growing trend: That the activity was getting out of control. More devices were coming on to their network with increasing methods of access. IGATE needed to take a position where the company could protect corporate data and protect the user while, at the same time, ensuring that the proper policies were in place. The systems administrator needed complete and consistent visibility of what was happening. This “visibility” is crucial to any security system. IGATE needs to be able to monitor where user data is going in order to better safeguard its customers against data loss and data theft.

The customer will always be IGATE’s top priority on any front. With that said, the Director of IT knows that the first thing customers ask when they run audits is “how are you going to protect our data?” Because of this, Web and Email DLP become one of the critical points of interest. The IT department needs to assure customers that when they trust their data with IGATE, “it will be protected and secured.”


After recognizing its data security challenges, IGATE began evaluating possible security solutions. In the early stages of evaluations, the Director of IT noticed that the majority of products on the market were in the process of having different vendors for their appliances. Their hybrid solution, the main criteria of what IGATE was looking for, was not very good. An extensive evaluation process led IGATE to choose Forcepoint as its unified, hybrid security solution.

“While keeping all of our perimeters in mind, we finalized with Forcepoint. The implementation was quick and the switchover to a new proxy was smooth. There were absolutely zero incidents for any of us.”
— Vijay Gurumurthy

Forcepoint's hybrid solution allows an administrator to manage all policies and reporting from a single console. Additionally, Forcepoint consolidates management of cloud-based and on-premise security, cutting the costs associated with other hybrid deployments that have separate management systems. There were features which Forcepoint deployed that other security vendors could not.

For the Director and his IT team, there were two features of the product that particularly stood out -– the first being Forcepoint's hybrid environment:

“Forcepoint was offering a hybrid environment where I could have stable and fast Internet browsing in all of our hybrid offices. This was a single policy that covered all locations – one uniform corporate policy applying to all users. Wherever our users went, they had secure, remote access to our network.”
— Vijay Gurumurthy

The second security feature, and Forcepoint's advantage over all other products on the market, was visibility. Forcepoint provides real-time, effective reporting of user data movements. For the Director of IT, this visibility is crucial when having to manage an entire network of users from remote parts of the world.

“The advantage of using Forcepoint is that I can consult and manage the network better. I am getting visibility on data. I am getting to know what kind of data is going out and coming in to our network. We have never had that kind of visibility.”
— Vijay Gurumurthy


IGATE chose Forcepoint with one goal in mind: To ensure that whatever corporate policies are implemented, those policies are consistent with each user — remote or otherwise. Data activity must always be protected.

“With Forcepoint's hybrid setup, I can confidently say that whatever activity is happening in our remote offices, our data is secure and protected.”
— Vijay Gurumurthy

Forcepoint has established a new level of trust with IGATE and its customers. The company’s Director of IT no longer hesitates to tell customers that IGATE has a DLP solution that they can trust. Customers can come to him with their data and he is able to confidently tell the customer that all of their data and remote offices are secure. With the Forcepoint DLP solution, they are confident that their data will be secure.

In conclusion, an ideal data security strategy is one that provides an effective solution while saving time management costs. The IT department manages eight key locations across the world. This is a daunting task for any organization. However, by managing the entire system from a single console with Forcepoint Security, IGATE’s IT department can better manage its time while ensuring superior security.

IGATE has relied on Forcepoint security solutions since 2005.


IGATE is a global leader in providing integrated technology and operations-based solutions. The company offers productized applications and platforms that provide the necessary competitive and innovative edge to clients across industries through a combination of speed, agility and imagination.