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Mémora Group Scales Network Security with SD-WAN

Mémora Group safeguards its network of branch offices with the help of Forcepoint Secure SD-WAN.

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Mémora Group is one of the largest funeral services providers on the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 220 funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums. The funeral services market is competitive and having the best IT assets running smoothly and securely is critical to success. Connecting Mémora’s Barcelona headquarters to its funeral homes and smaller contracting offices demands the most effective networking. Mémora gets the job done with the centralized management and secure controls of Secure SD-WAN.


  • Secure site-to-site connections for hundreds of operational locations.
  • Improve network resiliency.
  • Scale network security with a costeffective approach.


  • Replace existing network security solution with Forcepoint Secure SD-WAN.


  • Centralize management of network for over 200 locations with SD-WAN.
  • Shift from MPLS to simultaneous connection to multiple ISP operators for greater resiliency.
  • Reduce spending to securely add new branch offices to network.
  • Security meets current needs with easy path to scale and add new features.

Struggling to Grow with WAN

Competition in funeral service industry is fierce as the trade continues to see increased consolidation due to factors like higher life expectancy and declining demand for traditional services. Mémora Group is a well-known organization in the field, with worldwide involvement in funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums.

Mémora Group performs more than 55,000 funeral services annually at its funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries located throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The company also maintains additional contracting offices which coordinates services, billing, and other business tasks via a Wide Area Network (WAN) maintained by a small IT team in its Barcelona headquarters.

Keeping operations running as smoothly as possible is a key to continued success for Mémora Group. Network security is a major part of this effort and avoiding any downtime – and potentially finding more efficient ways to support and defend its network – became a top priority for the business.

Wanting to centralize management and secure the network of its more than 200 locations, Mémora Group turned to Forcepoint.

More Cost-Effective Networking with SD-WAN

Each Mémora Group location requires a firewall, internet access, and seamless network connections to headquarters and other branch offices, as well as a VPN.

The company was unsatisfied with its existing WAN and knew the functionality of a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) was the solution it needed. Mémora Group wanted to leverage SD-WAN to create a more flexible and cost-efficient wide area network, which could more be more easily controlled from a central console at headquarters.

Forcepoint’s Secure SD-WAN uses software to connect sites directly to the internet over whichever commodity broadband links are most appropriate in each location. This provides cost savings and faster deployment times.

Configurations and access policies are centrally managed and accessible via zero-touch deployment through the cloud. This removes the need to manually administer each WAN device individually for either deployment or maintenance.

Lastly, the security provided by Forcepoint’s SD-WAN gave the IT team new capabilities it didn’t have with its previous solution. An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and advanced firewall protection is built into the SD-WAN, giving greater visibility and more seamless management.

Centralized Network Management Does More With Less

Deploying Forcepoint Secure SD-WAN gave Mémora Group the ability to safely use the network’s DSL and VPN capabilities. It also gave the IT team a single, centralized console to monitor and manage the entire network across all 200+ locations.

Mémora Group’s IT team is now able to maintain a secure network by taking advantage of SD-WAN benefits such as enhanced network traffic visibility, advanced controls like granular segmentation, higher performance, as well as the ease and lower cost of deploying SD-WAN at new locations.

The zero-touch deployment capability enables the team to add new branch offices to the network without the need for an on-site technician. Mémora Group can rest assured that it will always support its workforce with the best network security available.

Customer Profile

Mémora Group operates more than 200 funeral homes and other funeral facilities in Spain and Portugal. As an entity named Mémora International, it also aids with shipping remains to most of the world.