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Miroglio Group is an Italian manufacturing company focused on international textile and fashion markets. Established in 1947, Miroglio operates in 34 countries with 49 subsidiaries and 4 manufacturing facilities. Miroglio manufactures 11 women’s fashion brands, marketed and distributed in more than 5,000 multiband shops and international department stores.

Located at company headquarters in Alba, Italy, Miroglio’s IT department provides shared services to all Miroglio-controlled companies: Miroglio Fashion, Miroglio Textile and M2Log – the latter dedicated to sourcing and logistics. The roughly 50 team members deliver applications infrastructure, and communication services needed to support 1,300 corporate and 3,000 retail employees worldwide.


Miroglio becomes a target of email attacks

While Miroglio had previously used Forcepoint Web Security to secure company web traffic, it more recently identified a need to secure a vulnerability in its email channel.

“We found an increase in the number of incidents relating to the penetration of email messages with embedded malicious content. We have detected several phishing attempts and CryptoLocker attacks hidden in well-crafted, fake, internal messages. The repetitive nature of these attacks convinced us to invest in a single security solution for web and email, for more affordable and reliable protection.”
— Luciano Manini, Chief Technology Officer, Miroglio Group

The leaders at Miroglio understand that advanced threats stemming from a multi-stage cyber-attack blend web and email elements that probe for the weakest channel of attack. This presents multiple opportunities to stop those attacks before possible breaches occur.


A complete security portfolio and robust protection for mobile users

Miroglio’s positive experience with Forcepoint Web Security influenced their consideration of Forcepoint for an email security solution. However, the final decision, according to Manini, was made via extensive and thorough analysis of all current market offerings. Ultimately, Miroglio chose Forcepoint Email Security Cloud because it proved itself as the best solution on the market.

“The majority of the vendors we evaluated specialized in either web or email, not both. For us, it was important to rely on a single vendor to protect and manage both channels. This was something unique only to Forcepoint’s portfolio.“
— Manini

Miroglio worked closely with trusted Forcepoint partner IFIConsulting on the installation, integration of defined rules, training and cloud migration.

The decision to implement Forcepoint Email Security Cloud encouraged Miroglio into a cloud-first web security environment. Forcepoint’s unified management in the cloud, behavioral sandboxing and other advanced defense technologies streamline work for Miroglio’s IT team and create a foundation for long-term success.

“We chose Forcepoint because there were features that we knew would unify our security and benefit our organization for future cloud installations.”
— Manini

Additionally, the combination of Forcepoint’s Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) and ThreatSeeker Intelligence technologies reduce risky user behaviors by allowing IT to not only identify and classify web and email traffic with accuracy, but also automate different activities.


Following the cloud deployment, Forcepoint ran a routine health audit on Miroglio’s system, in order to verify the operational capabilities in the new environment. The audit showed that Forcepoint goes beyond protection against multi-stage advanced threats, giving priority to protect the end-user.

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud and Forcepoint Email Security Cloud work together to empower Miroglio’s employees, wherever they go, and secure critical communication channels for continued success and productivity.

“We are looking forward to adopting new cloud applications, as we trust Forcepoint to protect our business, our users, and our innovation.”
— Manini 

Miroglio Group

Miroglio Group is an Italian manufacturing company focused on international textile and fashion markets. Established in 1947, Miroglio operates in 34 countries with 49 subsidiaries and 4 manufacturing facilities.