Empowering a Safe, Productive Educational Environment with Forcepoint




United States

St. Benedict Preparatory School needs to keep its students from accessing distracting or inappropriate content, but stringent policies can get in the way of faculty and staff doing their jobs. Forcepoint provided the flexibility needed to serve both.


  • Keeping students from accessing inappropriate web content through classroom technology while still allowing faculty and staff the necessary access to be productive.
    • Firewall/router combo solution couldn’t filter web addresses on a per-user basis.
  • Protecting students and staff even while off-premises.


  • Forcepoint Web Security Hybrid for protection across the web, with separate policies for students versus faculty and staff.
  • Hybrid deployment, leveraging existing hardware with virtual environments.
  • Sync with Active Directory so users are tied to their own individual access policy, no matter what endpoint they log into.


  • Remote monitoring capability means the school can detect issues more quickly and respond without tracking down the endpoint device.
  • Endpoints are protected off-premises without the use of a VPN.
  • 250 malicious sites and 100 adult sites blocked in the first 30 days.
  • 2 instances of malware detected and removed from teachers’ devices.

"Forcepoint does what it is supposed to do all the time and keeps our environment a safer and more productive place. We feel safe knowing Forcepoint is securing our cyber concerns."

Louie Karagiannes
Director of Technology, St. Benedict Preparatory School
Customer Profile

St. Benedict Preparatory School is a parochial Catholic school in Chicago serving hundreds of students, preschool through 8th grade.