Juin 21, 2023

Simply Put, Zero Trust CDR Defeats Malware

Joanna Crossley

Zero Trust CDR is a technology that combines the principles of Zero Trust and data protection to provide unmatched data security.

Unlike other approaches that fail to deal with the malware problem, Zero Trust CDR uses an innovative extract, verify and build approach. Rather than trying to detect malware, it assumes that nothing can be trusted.


It’s a game changer for mitigating even the most advanced zero-day threats, ransomware attacks and exploits. Making Zero Trust CDR the true Zero Trust cybersecurity approach and an essential one in today’s threat landscape, where data is constantly at risk.

That’s why Zero Trust CDR is used by governments and defence organizations across the globe, protecting nations’ most critical data.

From web browsing, email, file uploads and social media, digital content continues to be a cybercriminal route of choice for malware attacks. Traditional detection-based defences are failing to keep up with todays malware and that’s where Zero Trust CDR comes in.



Choose from on-premises, virtual and cloud-native deployments and for unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Secure your data today. Get in touch with a Zero Trust CDR expert.


Joanna Crossley

Joanna Crossley joined Forcepoint as a part of the Deep Secure acquisition in 2021, Joanna works with the Global Governments team specialising in demand generation and social strategy.

Joanna is based in the United Kingdom.

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