Septembre 1, 2022

The Answer to the Zero Trust Challenge

Jordan Havranek

Did you take Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR Challenge? The LinkedIn article I wrote was actually asimple cyber  “game." I wanted to give you a chance to practice some of your investigation skills and experience the power of CDR for yourself.

The Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR Challenge

It’s time to pivot from relying on detection alone. With Zero Trust CDR you can eliminate threats before they enter and prevent data loss via steganography. Change your approach to the game and take a deeper look in our Zero Trust CDR guide and our solution page.

Please contact your Forcepoint team to learn more about Zero Trust CDR, Zero Trust Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) and more. Here's a quick video where I walk through  solving the challenge. Thanks to those of you who tried it!


Jordan Havranek

Jordan Havranek

Jordan Havranek is a Principal Engineer covering the Forcepoint portfolio working with enterprise customers to protect data and reduce risk. At the start of his career, he got an opportunity to work in many roles including an analyst, architect, engineer, and application owner...

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