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Forcepoint Affiliates

Data Importers/Exporters

Websense, LLC
Forcepoint Cloud Limited
Forcepoint Technology R&D (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Forcepoint Security Solutions Israel Limited
Forcepoint International Technology Limited (FITL)
Forcepoint S.C. Pty Ltd
Forcepoint Brasil Gerenciamento e Segurança Ltda.
Forcepoint Canada, Inc.
Forcepoint GmbH
SurfControl Network Security Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Forcepoint Holdings International Limited Dubai Branch
Forcepoint France
Forcepoint Deutschland GmbH
Forcepoint Overseas Limited Hong Kong Branch
Forcepoint Software Consulting India Private Limited
Forcepoint Holdings International Limited (FHIL)
Forcepoint International Limited (FIL)
Forcepoint Italy S.r.l.
Forcepoint Japan K.K.
Forcepoint B.V.
Forcepoint Mauritius
Forcepoint Overseas Limited Singapore Branch
Forcepoint Overseas Limited, Sucursal en España
Forcepoint Overseas Limited, United Kingdom, Filial
Forcepoint Holdings International Limited Turkish Liaison Office
Websense SC Holdings Limited
Websense SC Operations Limited
SurfControl (China) Limited
SurfControl Limited
Forcepoint Overseas Limited
Forcepoint UK Limited
PortAuthority Technologies, LLC
SurfControl, Inc.
Forcepoint Mexico, S. de R.L
Forcepoint Finland Oy
Forcepoint Poland sp. z o.o.