Product Development Practices

Forcepoint is dedicated to upholding the highest levels of corporate responsibility indicative of both our company and the cybersecurity industry values. The transparency we provide to our customers, as well as the broader global community, is vitally important to Forcepoint so that we remain a leader in our sector.

Like many information technology and cybersecurity solution providers, Forcepoint has product development centers worldwide. Specifically, we develop our products using the varying talents and skills of engineers in multiple locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

Further, Forcepoint takes end-to-end product development security very seriously. Consequently, we have integrated into our product development process a robust program to protect and secure our global research and development environments. We develop our security programs using demanding ISO-27001 standards, perform regular penetration testing on our development environment, and use advanced security code scanning tools to ensure the end-to-end integrity of our products. The security of our development environment and the products we produce are world class.

Forcepoint has long taken a leadership position in upholding the values and the laws of the United States, as well as those countries where we sell our products. Our products incorporate the creativity and talent from our direct employees (we do not outsource our development) located across the globe, and we have implemented a world-class set of best practices to insure our internal security and protect the integrity of the products our customers trust every day.