Forcepoint Data-First SASE Pioneers Industry's Most Complete Single-Vendor Offering

Rachael Lyon
November 17, 2022, 8:00 am CST

AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. 17, 2022 – Global security leader Forcepoint is now offering a single-vendor Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution. With the Forcepoint ONE Security Service Edge (SSE) platform and FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN, distributed businesses and government agencies can connect and protect their hybrid workforces with a wide range of centrally managed networking and security solutions that are sourced and supported from a single company. This approach avoids the burdens, inefficiencies, and risks that otherwise come with piecing together a patchwork of point products and dealing with multiple vendors.

As organizations around the world bring people back into the office, SASE provides a cloud-based architecture that can simplify their adoption of Zero Trust. Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE solutions take this a step further, building advanced data security into its adaptive-access gateways and intelligently distributing enforcement of security policies based on where each user is working.

Incorporating Zero Trust Web Access technology into Forcepoint ONE’s secure web gateway (SWG) service enables web security policies to be configured centrally and enforced in the cloud for sites or on the endpoint for people working from home. This distributed enforcement provides the breadth of protection needed at offices—where BYOD, IoT, specialty workstations, and guest computers are commonplace—as well as the fast user experience that remote workers now expect. Forcepoint’s endpoint-based web security makes this possible by eliminating the latency that comes with cloud-only approaches, enabling secure web browsing to run up to twice as fast.

Forcepoint’s cloud-based and endpoint-based web security both take advantage of the Zero Trust-based advanced threat protection and data loss prevention capabilities built into Forcepoint ONE. Risky or unknown websites can automatically be routed through the platform’s remote browser isolation (RBI) service and used safely, even if they’re harboring malicious code. Forcepoint RBI incorporates the company’s advanced content, disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology to sanitize documents as they are being downloaded. As a result, even compromised websites can be used without exposing devices, networks, and sensitive business data to internet-based attacks. New dashboards in Forcepoint ONE also make it easy for administrators to see when threats have been encountered and blocked.

As part of this introduction, the company is also making zero trust network access (ZTNA), one of the core elements of SASE, easier to deploy. Data centers and remote sites that have private business applications needed by remote workers can use FlexEdge security appliances (virtual or physical) to automatically connect those private apps via Forcepoint ONE’s ZTNA cloud service so that users anywhere can safely access the apps without the complexity, bottlenecks and risks of VPNs.

“Remote workers and hybrid workers at office sites need security that automatically adjusts to their needs, no matter where they are,” said Forcepoint Chief Product Officer Rees Johnson. “As one of the few companies with expertise in both networking and security, Forcepoint’s innovative data-first approach to SASE enables modern organizations to deliver safe, fast access to business data everywhere people need it. Our distributed enforcement automates security for sites while still providing superior performance for remote workers. And, our integration of uniform identity, intelligent adaptive access control, and strong data security makes it easier for businesses and government agencies to adopt Zero Trust.”

Innovations in Forcepoint ONE and FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN highlighted in today’s introduction include:

  • Zero Trust Web Access combines secure web gateway (SWG) technologies with remote browser isolation (RBI) and content, disarm and reconstruction (CDR) services to give remote workers the most productive browsing experience and sites the most comprehensive protection using the same cloud-managed security policies. Those security policies are enforced directly on remote endpoints via the company’s SmartEdge agent while sites and branch offices can forward web traffic to the Forcepoint ONE cloud platform using open networking protocols such as GRE and IPsec.
  • ZTNA App Connector in FlexEdge appliances (virtual or physical) enables private apps within data centers and branch/home offices to be remotely accessed via Forcepoint ONE’s ZTNA cloud service without having to deploy separate connector software. This avoids infrastructure and operational costs while simplifying the deployment of ZTNA.
  • Enhanced Reporting includes the “Threat” dashboard which reports users that encounter known and zero-day threats detected in downloads or uploads, and the “Data Security” dashboard reporting users that encounter data uploaded to unsanctioned websites in downloads or uploads.

All of these new features and functionality are immediately available worldwide. To learn more visit:





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