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Forcepoint Selected for Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to Enhance U.S. Foreign and Domestic Cyber Capabilities

Rachael Lyon
April 24, 2023, 8:01 am CDT

Herndon, VA – April 24, 2023 – Global security leader Forcepoint today announced that it has been selected to join the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) to support the U.S. government’s efforts to strengthen its domestic and international cybersecurity posture. 

Since the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) established the partnership in August 2021, JCDC has become one of the premier cybersecurity public-private information sharing programs. Providing varied cybersecurity capabilities and expertise, JCDC members share in an overarching strategic vision and dedication to providing for the common defense. 

“JCDC brings together esteemed industry and government organizations that are at the forefront of our nation’s global cyber defense,” said Sean Berg, president of global governments and critical infrastructure at Forcepoint. “We are honored to be a part of JCDC, and look forward to continuing to work with CISA and fellow members to not only protect our nation’s critical assets and data, but to apply these learnings to shape the future of cyber for our customers as well.” 

As a member of JCDC, Forcepoint will work closely with interagency and industry partners to strengthen cybersecurity across all critical infrastructure organizations and the nation. Forcepoint will provide expertise from its long history of leading cybersecurity efforts in advanced operational areas across the federal, civilian, DoD and intelligence communities – in addition to its specialized research group and their research into cyber threats and emerging trends – to provide JCDC key insights for combating ongoing and future threats against the U.S.  

About Forcepoint  

Forcepoint simplifies security for global businesses and governments. Forcepoint’s all-in-one, truly cloud-native platform makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for customers and their employees in more than 150 countries. Engage with Forcepoint on, Twitter and LinkedIn

About the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative   

Pursuant to new authority from Congress, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) established JCDC in August 2021 to transform traditional public-private partnerships into real-time private-public operational collaboration and shift the paradigm from reacting to threats and vulnerabilities to proactively planning and taking steps to mitigate them. JCDC combines the visibility, insight, and innovation of the private sector with the capabilities and authorities of the federal cyber ecosystem to collectively drive down cyber risk to the nation at scale. Learn more about JCDC at