Zero Trust CDR for Mail: M365

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Zero Trust CDR for Mail Microsoft 365

Stop malware from reaching your inboxes with enhanced protection that integrates directly with Microsoft 365 Mail.

Zero Trust Email Security for Microsoft 365

Email is one of the most popular attack vectors – and one of the most difficult to secure. Zero Trust CDR for Mail: Microsoft 365 enhances email security with simple, fast and seamless protection for users’ inboxes.  

Secure all inbound and outbound Microsoft 365 emails  

Internal and External Protection 

Zero Trust CDR for Mail: M365 not only stops inbound malware but stops the spread of malware both externally and internally, blocking ransomware spread by email and helping clean up existing infections.  

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Protecting Microsoft 365 Emails, Users and Data 

When using Microsoft Office 365, Forcepoint Zero Trust CDR for Mail: M365 pivots from outdated detection-based defensed by proactively cleaning email messages and attachments when mail is being processed by Microsoft 365. Stopping the potential execution of malware without a noticeable change to users’ inbox messages. Nothing gets delivered but safe content. Ensuring that the only thing received by the user is safe, malware-free data. 

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Seamless to integrate and simple to use – from day one 

Zero Trust CDR for Mail: M365 is a full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that integrates directly with Microsoft 365 Mail. It stops malware and enhances defenses without the need to install and maintain any infrastructure. Working with existing boundary technologies to bolster your defenses with a reliable cloud-native service.

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