Advanced Malware Detection and Protection

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Advanced Malware Detection and Protection

Superior protection against advanced malware and zero-day exploits.

Why Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection?

Detect and Prevent against today's evasive Advanced Malware

Fast detection of Advanced Malware to mitigate against Zero Day Threats
Advanced Malware analysis for Windows, Linux, Android and macOS
Protect against emerging malware with Forcepoint’s Collective Threat Intelligence
Consistent capabilities across on-premises and cloud environment

Why organizations are choosing Forcepoint

“Nothing got by Forcepoint. Stopped everything before entry point. Allowed our business to be up and running. No downtime.”

CDW Corporation

"We’re concerned about evolving malware and email threats, as well as new social engineering attacks. Because our employees may be our weakest link and we need strong security to be the safety net."

IT Professional

Medium Enterprise Retail Company

"Continuing transition to the cloud and evolving malware are my current major concerns. Traditional antivirus solutions are becoming less effective every year as malware and threat actors evolve and improve."

Charles Russell

Information Security Analyst

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