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The Definitive Guide to Preventing Departing Employee Data Theft

Nearly half the employees of your organization might be leaving their jobs in the next year, in a global wave of departures called the “Great Resignation.” As people change jobs, you can expect a spike in data loss, misplacement, or theft of intellectual property and corporate data. In other words, when employees or contractors leave, they take your proprietary data with them: 56% of insider theft happens in the last 30 days before they depart, with 78% in broad daylight.

It’s never been easier for people to download, email, or move sales lists, source code, supply chain contracts or other valuable IP to their thumb drives, cloud folders, or mobile devices. The potential harm from the data loss to your organization is profound: up to 20% of your annual revenue is lost due to data breaches caused by insiders.

Most of the time, organizations have insider risk management and data loss prevention (DLP) programs and internal procedures in place for when employees are terminated. But is your team ready for when the employee or contractor resigns? Securing IP and confidential files in this “big quit” requires visibility to employee interactions with data and proactive responses that can be implemented automatically before the breach or exfiltration happens

This eBook explains:

  1. The risks to your critical data when contractors and employees leave.
  2. The types of job “leavers” and how to identify risky behavior that leads to stolen or misplaced data.
  3. Best practices and tools that help you control and secure your data right up to the moment employees depart.