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TIC 3.0 Use Cases Enable Modern Government Networks

The Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) initiative set out to vastly reduce the number of endpoints across Federal agencies – aiming to establish a secure perimeter to protect the nation’s vital data. TIC 3.0 updates expectations of the programs including a foundation for TIC to evolve as agencies continue to modernize and adopt new technologies such as cloud, zero trust, and evolving to risk base architectures.

This eBook is designed to offer solutions for those looking to modernize their networks and security to support TIC 3.0 and modern agency network requirements and assists agencies who are:

  • Connecting dynamically direct-to-cloud and site-to-site
  • Evolving to risk-based architectures
  • Implementing trust zones and zero trust architectures
  • Enabling SaaS adoption
  • Protecting Data across all environments

Read TIC 3.0 Use Cases Enable Modern Government Networks and take the first step toward modernizing your agency network.