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Connecting the Dots to Solve the Case: Forcepoint Data Analyzer Capabilities

Transaction Record Analysis Center (TRAC) Customer Implementation Discussion

As DoD, federal agencies and law enforcement work to fill a shortage in key specialties, there is a premium on using the expertise at the highest level. Security analysts often spend too much time collecting and collating data across different public and private sources. Their time would be much better spent analyzing the real threats so they can respond rapidly and effectively.

With Forcepoint Data Analyzer, agencies can employ virtual data warehousing, federated search, powerful algorithms for automated information discovery and intuitive workflow tools. Learn how security analysts across defense can gain the ability to respond to cyber threats, fraud, other criminal activity and terrorism as they’re happening — not hours, days or months later.

In this webcast learn more about:

  • How one agency uses Forcepoint Data Analyzer to gain the whole picture and solve cases faster
  • Learn to quickly access, understand, analyze, react to, and share massive amounts of data
  • How to gain access to hundreds of sources that an organization deems mission critical
  • Speed investigations with an easy-to-use information sharing and analysis platform proven to enhance productivity and reduce crime