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Forcepoint Data Guard: New Approaches for 'Air Gapped' IT and OT Environments for Critical Infrastructure


The traditional approach of isolating IT and OT environments has significant drawbacks when adopting new Industry 4.0 technologies. Forcepoint’s Data Guard Cross Domain solution lets critical infrastructure stakeholders connect IT and OT environments with a military-grade method, that delivers enhanced assurance levels and security postures. Watch this webinar to learn how Forcepoint Data Guard:

  • Provides a flexible data inspection engine
  • Adapts to a wide variety of data types and security policies
  • Offers byte-level deep content inspection, data validation, and filtering
  • Delivers robust support for extraordinarily complex automated requirements for transferring big data between multiple sensitive networks or clouds


Bryan Skelton, Data Guard Sales Lead - G2CI, Forcepoint
Steven Tessler, Data Guard System Engineer, Forcepoint

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