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Future Insights 2022: Risk Management Technology: Getting It Right

When it comes to risk management and data protection, many organizations today are driven by compliance and might have all the tick boxes checked, but are still experiencing data breaches, cyber events and other disruptions. Ransomware is the main culprit at the top of the list, but being ‘compliant’ won’t stop it. CISOs need to focus security budget and controls in the right areas in order to effectively protect an organization from cyber threats and data breaches.

Join this session and listen to a fireside chat between Forcepoint’s Nick Savvides and Marco Figueroa, CISO of the AICD. They will share insights into the risks associated with not having correct technology deployed to effectively secure an organization from cyber threats, the critical areas that security budget should be invested when limited funds are available, the key metrics CISO’s should be using to measure results and “have a voice” at Board level, and how to articulate a Zero Trust concept into a conversation that resonates with board members.

Key takeaways for audience:

  • How to enable a healthy balance between being compliant and having necessary threat protection technology in place.
  • Critical areas to invest security budget when limited funds are available.
  • The importance of using metrics that are understood by the Board and to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Articulating the concept of Zero Trust into a conversation that resonates with the board.


  • Nick Savvides, Senior Strategic Business Director, Forcepoint
  • Marco Figueroa, CISO, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)