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The State of SASE Adoption: Discussing the Shift from Product to Platform

It’s been four years since Gartner™ introduced the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) concept to the world. In that short time, SASE has evolved from an academic model for bringing various networking and security functions together to the most common architecture used by industry leaders in cybersecurity.

So where are we at in the process, and what does the future hold for organizations that provide or purchase security and networking services?  This webinar provides answers by examining how businesses and government agencies are currently approaching SASE, what security use cases they are seeking to solve and what the key business drivers and barriers to adoption are. You’ll learn about the journey of SASE from an idea, to a product, to a platform offering organizations a flexible and comprehensive strategy that is built to scale.

Watch the webinar for insights about:

  • The individual components that make up the SASE model
  • Factors that contributed to the appearance and success of SASE
  • Key drivers for SASE adoption
  • Important security challenges and use cases
  • The relationship between SASE and the Zero Trust security model
  • The current landscape of SASE adoption
  • ROI and getting business value from SASE