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Work Safely from Anywhere

As your employees are working from home, it is key that leaders provide them with tools and secure access to platforms and internal networks, allowing them to work as productively at home as they would in the corporate office. One key consideration to come out of remote working, is whether behaviour analytics, AI and machine learning ultimately help the employee, or become a violation of privacy and freedom. Leaders must now keep employees productive, satisfied and secure while working from home.

As employees move to remote working positions, leaders must consider that not only is it important to keep data private and secure, it is essential that the privacy of employees, and customers not be overlooked. According to an IAPP survey, globally, 81% of privacy experts expect no or only a small reduction in privacy budgets. Evidently, privacy is still at the forefront of security measures, despite the effects of the pandemic.

Join us in this session as we explore:

  • Does the way you frame the business change your approach for finding the best security solutions: users vs people.
  • What makes employees happy in their work but doesn’t compromise security, or privacy.
  • When behaviour is affected by your environment, how do you build a ‘home-life’ robust business security model


  • Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum
  • Elizabeth Varghese, Global Leader & Talent HR Strategy Reinvention, IBM
  • Dr. Margaret Cunningham, Principal Research Scientist for Human Behavior, Forcepoint