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Zero Trust in a Multi-Domain Environment

"Zero Trust is a cybersecurity paradigm focused on resource protection and the premise that trust is never granted implicitly but must be continually evaluated”, according to NIST Zero Trust Architecture (NIST Special Publication 800-207). However, how can that be achieved?

Join Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure CTO, George Kamis, for a pragmatic approach to Zero Trust in a multi-domain environment, and gain the following:

  • Knowledge on Verifying Explicitly – using multiple attributes (Dynamic and static) to derive confidence levels for contextual access decisions to resources.
  • Detailed blueprints on how to utilize identity, but implement technology that is agnostic to A&A - providing proper access and transfers for multi-domains, remotely, from a single device.
  • Knowledge on how to implement a Zero Trust framework built for continuous monitoring for DCO Enclaves and Cross Enclave collaboration.