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Taking Zero Trust to 100 Percent: Best Practices to Support your Journey, by Computing Research

Most organisations, confronting growing cyber security threats and the rise in remote working, are aspiring to a Zero Trust (ZT) model. Nevertheless, many are simply paying lip service.

Widely regarded as the best approach for protecting dispersed modern organisations, with significant gains to visibility, simplicity, and security, ZT is an architectural framework rather than a one-off purchase. “Never Trust, Always Verify” is playing a key role in enabling enterprises to support and authenticate users.

This report, featuring bespoke Computing research surveying 117 IT leaders involved in cybersecurity delivery or strategy at their organisation, uncovers best practices when it comes to establishing ZT. It will reveal where organisations are at in their ZT plans, how IT decision-makers are responding to modern security challenges, and whether organisations are ensuring the easy wins are being realised early on.

Ultimately, we ask what should your ZT technology end goals look like?