Fight Financial Crime and Reduce the Burden of Compliance

Forcepoint UEBA proactively detects and deters unwanted/illegal behaviors, improves effectiveness of front office reviews, and reduces response times for regulatory requests and audits.

Unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62% per year. Today's security solutions do not fully capture human interactions.

  • Seamless review of trades, alerts, and communications
  • Flexible and efficient workflow & reporting
  • Prioritize high risk individuals and events
  • Visualization and full context surrounding proactive alerts

It's Time for a New Paradigm

Forcepoint UEBA technology goes beyond basic archival tools to help our clients immediately access all data sources in a single location for review, oversight and investigation. You're no longer limited by traditionally siloed data streams, with the added benefit of full-spectrum analytics once your data is ingested into our platform.

Let the Data Speak to You

Leverage all structured and unstructured data sources in our human risk platform

human risk platform

Radically Improve Oversight

Integrating structured and unstructured data sources within a single application elevates your insider threat program and helps reduce risk.

Brute force
  • Evolving regulations require manual review inefficient to compile data from siloed sources
  • Separate ecomms, trades, alerts systems lead to disjointed oversight
  • Surveillance integrates and enriches disparate data, classifies content, and applies layered analytics to find risk
  • Centralized dashboard for review, collaborate, and investigate
Strategic advantage
  • Reduces the burden of manual compliance on your team and across the company
  • Instill confidence and protect the reputation of your firm

Key Compliance Use Cases

Key Compliance Use Cases - Enterprise Risk Management