August 14, 2023

Accelerate Zero Trust with Networking: The Power of SD-WAN

The second post in our Accelerate Zero Trust series
Carlos Carvajal

Last week, we kicked off our Accelerate Zero Trust series starting with web access, since so much of the work we all do depends an access applications and data via the web. But network security is also a critical and even foundational component of Zero Trust. For the second post in the series, we’ll focus on the secure SD-WAN piece.


Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) not only changed the way organizations connect users to the resources they need, but also accelerated the implementation of Zero Trust. In this second part of the series, we uncover how SD-WAN strengthens the Zero Trust approach, forming a powerful combination that transforms network security.

Forcepoint FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN

Zero Trust networking moves theory to practice

Zero Trust removed the notion of implicit trust within the network perimeter. It stands on the notion that verification and scrutiny are prerequisites for granting access, regardless of user or device. Secure SD-WAN drives Zero Trust from theory to practice, modernizing network security strategies.


Connectivity is just the start

Secure SD-WAN isn't just about optimizing network performance; it enables security transformation. By embracing Zero Trust principles, SD-WAN tackles security challenge head-on—trust no one, verify everything.


Secure SD-WAN adapts policies in real-time

Static access policies are remnants of the past. Secure SD-WAN adapts policies in real-time based on context. Device health, user behavior, and location become factors that determine network access. This dynamic approach ensures that security evolves alongside the network.


Secure SD-WAN is key to encryption

Encryption is key to Zero Trust networking, and Secure SD-WAN embraces it holistically. Whether data moves or rests, Secure SD-WAN delivers it in layers of encryption. Unauthorized access becomes an unachievable, ensuring that your data remains the encoded.


Secure SD-WAN does deep packet inspection

Secure SD-WAN gains insights with deep packets inspection. This capability enforces with Zero Trust's concept—it's about knowing what's truly inside. Secure SD-WAN has visibility into all network traffic, ensuring that even in encrypted traffic, hidden threats are exposed.


Secure SD-WAN is a key component of Zero Trust networking

In today’s borderless network infrastructure, SD-WAN and Zero Trust work together go beyond that traditional security infrastructure to ensure that security isn't compromised, whether protecting branch sites or remote workforce. Together, they represent the future of security, where trust is no longer presumed; but meticulous verified.


Next week on ‘Accelerate Zero Trust’ series where we'll explore how DLP accelerates your Zero Trust journey.

Carlos Carvajal

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