April 23, 2024

Forcepoint Brings AI-Powered DSPM to Customers

Forcepoint DSPM brings fast, accurate visibility that complements our industry-leading DLP
Jim Fulton

Today, we’re pleased to introduce Forcepoint DSPM to our customers. It's a Data Security Posture Management solution that’s one of the foundations of our Data Security Everywhere approach to enabling people to be more productive, working anywhere with data everywhere.


Forcepoint DSPM uses AI to enhance data security by quickly and accurately identifying and remediating data security risks before they can be exploited by attackers. It reduces compliance costs by simplifying reporting and helps organizations avoid fines associated with data privacy violations. Additionally, Forcepoint DSPM increases efficiency by streamlining data access management and automating data security tasks.

Forcepoint Introduces AI-Based DSPM


Over the past several years, applications and data have moved out from traditional data centers into the cloud at an ever-accelerating rate. Many organizations are no longer able to see what really matters: where their sensitive data resides, who can access it, or how it’s used. Unknown copies of information—so called “dark data” that hides in cloud-based file systems or on laptops—now are estimated to make up as much as 80% of an organization’s data. Not seeing or managing this “data in the wild” greatly increases the risk of breaches, resulting in catastrophic business consequences for commercial, nonprofit and governmental organizations alike.


Part of a comprehensive, end-to-end data security solution

Data Security Posture Management solutions such as Forcepoint DSPM give data owners and IT teams proactive visibility and control over data so they can spot and fix potential threats before data is lost. However, unlike standalone offerings from point-product vendors, Forcepoint DSPM is part of a full end-to-end data security solution. Not only does it automate the otherwise difficult process of discovering, classifying, and prioritizing sensitive data, it works with our industry-leading risk-adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to enable the data it detects to be properly protected and monitored in one of the industry’s most comprehensive, single-vendor data security solutions:

Forcepoint DSPM - AI-Powered Data Classification

Key capabilities in Forcepoint DSPM include:

  • Fast, comprehensive discovery – Forcepoint DSPM includes a wide range of connectors for searching out sensitive data stored across the many different data storage environments you’re using in the cloud as well as on-premises. It can scan approximately a million files per hour across Amazon (AWS S3 & IAM), Microsoft (Azure AD, OneDrive, SharePoint Online), Google (Google Drive & IAM), as well as local LDAP and SharePoint systems.
  • AI-powered data classification – The machine learning engine in Forcepoint DSPM applies a 50-dimensional model to data to automatically determine what it is and whether it is sensitive. This ML engine learns from the data so that it can go beyond simple pattern matching to more accurately identify what truly matters to your business. For example, it has been used to distinguish valuable recipes from common ingredient lists to ensure that intellectual property is protected without triggering false alerts.
  • Real-time monitoring and data risk assessment – Continuously evaluating which data sets are most critical enables Forcepoint DSPM to efficiently analyze and automatically repair the issues that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business. It can prioritize and alert you immediately to redundant, outdated, and trivial (ROT) data, improper permissions, and inappropriate copies of data so you have a better understanding of what is happening throughout your data landscape.
  • Automated remediation – Forcepoint DSPM goes beyond just detecting potential problems; it also provides built-in, automated deduping, repairing of data access permissions, quarantining, and moving files to correct locations without the need for cumbersome or expensive add-on tools.
  • Workflow orchestration – Forcepoint DSPM makes it easy to track ownership and accountability for data sources and assets to ensure that actions taken on sensitive data are aligned with the responsibilities of each stakeholder. This streamlines operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and avoid confusion.

Here's a quick video that explains how Forcepoint DSPM works:


Ultimately, Forcepoint DSPM gives you true, eagle-eyed visibility into your sensitive data in the wild so that you can better control and use it. That’s the essence of Forcepoint’s modern approach to data security.

Read more in our announcement for Forcepoint DSPM, powered by Getvisibility, check out the Forcepoint DSPM flyer or watch the more in-depth Forcepoint DSPM demo video below. 


Jim Fulton

Jim Fulton serves as VP Product Marketing & Analyst Relations, focused on SASE, SSE and Zero Trust data security. He has been delivering enterprise access and security products for more than 20 years and holds a degree in Computer Science from MIT.

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