September 22, 2021

How Two Fortune 150 Companies Save Millions With Forcepoint

Bryan Arnott

Deploying industry-leading cybersecurity solutions can result in a more secure business, but the benefits of implementing those platforms go far beyond better data security.

Protecting the way an organization operates on a day-to-day basis can be a powerful contributor to a healthy bottom-line. Two Fortune 150 companies that work with Forcepoint experience this truism firsthand.

Apart from the obvious advantages of protecting the brand’s reputation and avoiding financial penalties by defending against security threats, these two organizations are leveraging Forcepoint’s platforms to solve their unique business needs – and they’re reaping the rewards because of it.

Fortune 50 Company Blocks Hundreds of Thousands of Incidents, Saves Millions in Risk

In an era where data is the new oil, proprietary information might be the most valuable of all types. Being first-to-market can bring enormous advantages and ensuring the ‘crown jewels’ of the business don’t fall into a competitor’s hands is an immense challenge in its own right.

In the telecommunications sector, capitalizing on 5G quicker than a rival is critical to winning market share. However, balancing the speed at which a business moves with the need to ensure nothing is leaked outside the organization is just as important.

With intellectual property being accessed by thousands of employees, one Fortune 50 telecommunications company needed to strike the right balance between empowering a productive workforce and stopping malicious insiders from exfiltrating its most sensitive data.

The solution? Deliver data security at the endpoint to actively stop data from leaving the organization without limiting access to the information itself. After comparing all the solutions available, the company chose to go with Forcepoint’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform.

The DLP applies context to user behavior, reducing false positives and enabling secure access to a wider audience than a one-size-fits-all environment might be able to offer. Within two months of deployment, Forcepoint’s DLP stopped over 200,000 incidents – estimated to be millions of dollars in monthly risk reduction.

In addition, the built-in educational system – which delivers recommendations to improve users’ data security awareness in real-time – led to a drop in potentially risky user behavior by roughly one-third.  The large company is able to adjust its security policies at scale as often as it wants, enabling the security team to respond quickly to emerging concerns and evolving business needs.

Fortune 150 Organization Secures End-of-Life Software on the Internet of Things

Modern science has progressed by leaps and bounds in large part due to the significant innovations in technology. Medical devices running on the Internet of Things (IoT) deliver fast and accurate results for patients, without the need for invasive surgery or a long waiting period.

Increasingly, these IoT-connected devices are the target of threat actors looking for an entry point into a network or to cause damage in general. While data repositories are always a top priority for any company in healthcare, one Fortune 150 medical device manufacturer also faced a need to further secure the equipment of its customers.

The business had always packaged antivirus software with the operating system of the medical imaging devices it sold. Over time, these operating systems became legacy platforms and were no longer supported by the developer – which meant they couldn’t run antivirus software at the supported version.

Upgrading the operating system at each endpoint would be an immense undertaking. There were around 7,000 MRI machines running end-of-life software and updating each one to a newer version would be a time consuming and cost-intensive process.

Instead, the company leveraged Forcepoint’s Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). The NGFW is managed centrally from a Security Management Center (SMC) and deployed at the endpoint without any physical interaction needed, making it the perfect platform to provide security to these devices.

The NGFW sat in front of and protected each MRI machine on the network from cyberthreats, circumventing the need to upgrade the underlying operating system. Because of this, the company was able to complete the project remotely and avoid millions in associated costs stemming from downtime, repair costs and on-site labor.

How Can Forcepoint Help Your Business?

Companies across the world face unique cybersecurity challenges that can drive extensive business value when resolved correctly. Fortune 500 industry leaders turn to Forcepoint for adaptable security solutions, and your organization can too.

Schedule a demo today to learn how Forcepoint can support your business’ cybersecurity goals.

Bryan Arnott

Bryan Arnott is a Senior Content Marketer and Digital Strategist at Forcepoint.

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