December 8, 2023

Spotlight On Series—Securing Generative AI

Lionel Menchaca

It’s been a little while since I blogged about AI. But since we just wrapped up a round of videos dedicated to securing generative AI (GenAI), I thought it was a good time to talk about our Spotlight On video series. Spotlight On is a lightboard series of videos where our subject matter experts discuss a topic in detail to show how Forcepoint helps keep your organization’s data secure.

Forcepoint’s Jason Kemmerer, Solution Architect and AI subject matter expert hosts this first round of videos that's dedicated to securing generative AI. This first video sets the stage for the series by introducing several of the topics that warrant deeper discussion. Here's Episode 1



The next video focuses on restricting access and allowing usage though the lens of use cases. Here's Episode 2



In Episode 3, Jason then focuses on how organizations can monitor and prevent risky activity:



In the next episode, he focuses on how to manage types of content securely, including intellectual property, structured data like PHI and finally, protecting source code. Here's Episode 4:



In the fifth and final episode of the GenAI series, Jason discusses how Forcepoint’s Risk Adaptive Protection technology can be used to shape employee’s behavior when they do leverage GenAI tools. Here's Episode 5:



You can check out the full series by visiting the Spotlight On YouTube playlist from our Forcepoint Tech Talk channel.  To learn more about how Forcepoint DLP can protect your organization’s data while still enabling your employees to access AI tools safely and securely, see our AI use case page. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to talk with an expert about how we can help  you secure GenAI.

Lionel Menchaca

As the Senior Digital Communications & Content Manager, Lionel leads Forcepoint's social media and blogging efforts. He's responsible for the company's global editorial strategy and is part of a core team responsible for content strategy and execution on behalf of the company.


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